Safe Food / Recipes

New foods require a lot of time at the grocery store. Or maybe they don’t. When I think about it, there are really just whole sections of the store that are off limits entirely. In general, processed foods are hard. We are very lucky that Bubba has always been an amazing eater. She loves to eat and loves herself some meat. No protein issues here!

Bubba eats a lot of fresh fruit (minus kiwi and mango) including avocado (yay for a healthy fat source!). She loves smoothies (I usually add MCT oil for extra heathy fats) and oatmeal for breakfast. She will eat most meats and adores plain pasta (just olive oil and salt), cous cous, or rice. Her milk alternative is almond milk (the only tree nut she is not allergic to). Almond milk is a great source of vitamin D (which she also gets from a multivitamin) and calcium (it provides more than dairy). Almond milk is lower in protein than cow’s milk which is so crucial for toddlers, but as I said, Bubba loves herself some meat.

Here are some common safe foods for us in case you need some ideas of your own. Please always read the labels. You never know when an ingredient or facility warning may change.


We often make smoothies using protein powder, almond milk, and frozen fruit. I usually put in MCT (coconut) oil for extra healthy fats. Please note that the protein powder is dairy, egg, nut, and pea protein free but it does have a facility warning for tree nuts, milk, and egg.

Almond Milk – Original

Shop Rite Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Quaker Oats Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal – Lower Sugar

Thomas’ Cinnamon Raisin Bagels

Earth’s Best Organic Mini Blueberry Waffles

Honeynut Chex

Homemade pancakes and waffles – we make huge batches and freeze the exta

Kirkland Bacon


Yummy Dino Buddies Chicken Nuggets

Black beans, cubed avocado and a little salt in a bowl. I won the Mommy jackpot with what a great eater Bubba is.

My homemade meatballs

Foster Farms Homestyle Turkey Meatballs (for when I am out of mine)

Brown rice bowls – yep, just plain brown rice. I told you Bubba was a good eater.

Alexia Roasted Straight Cut Fries

Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Sticks

Melt Organic Chocolate Spread

Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative


Applegate Natural Uncured Beef Hotdogs

Homemade marinara

So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk Yogurtwatch out for pea protein in all vegan yogurts

Potatoes with margarine and salt

Barney Butter and Jelly Sandwiches – Barney Butter is made from almonds (safe for us) in a dedicated facility. It is guaranteed peanut and gluten-free per the manufacturer.

Homemade pizza using homemade or premade crust (I’ve used Pillsbury, Trader Joe’s, and one from Costco). We use regular marinara sauce and Follow Your Heart vegan cheese (the only one without pea protein). Bubba loves mushrooms and olives for her toppings.

Tacos or Burritos – filled with Tofutti Sour Cream, avocado, black beans, and plain ground meat

PIllsbury Crescent Rolls (“Original”) – we use this to make safe hand pies, meat pies, and mini apple pies

Stroehman Dutch Country 100% Whole Wheat is our usual bread.

BLT sandwiches. Minus the lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Bubba likes Tofutti sour cream or mashed avocado on hers.

Chicken drumsticks are among her favorite foods. Our favorite recipe is here.

Couscous mixed up with all sorts of things. Whatever is on hand. Olives, leftover steak, veggies, vegan cheese cubes, etc. I usually add a bit of salt and a dash of red wine vinegar. Make a big batch – it keeps well for a few days and travels easily.


Almond Dream Yogurt

Biscoff with apple slices – be warned…this stuff is ADDICTIVE

Newman’s Own Fig Newmans – dairy-free variety only

Homemade Banana Chia Seed Pudding

So Delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Milk

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips

Enjoy Life Crispy Rice Chocolate Bars

Cherrybrook Kitchen cake mix

Golden Oreos

Immaculate Brownie Mix – I sub 1/2c applesauce for the eggs and use Earth’s Balance baking stick margarine

Frozen cherries

For specials holiday treats – Amanda’s Own Dairy Free Chocolates

Some Pillsbury icings and Duncan Hines cake mixes have been safe for us – read the labels, as always

Candy: Skittles, Starbursts, Haribo Gummi Bears, Charms Blow Pops, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers, Swedish Fish, AirHeads Taffy


Date Balls

Kashi Cereal Bars

Earth Balance Vegan Aged White Cheddar Popcorn – note that the “puffs” have white beans in them so they’re not safe for a legume allergy like Bubba’s

Kashi Crunchy Granola & Seed Bars – Chocolate Chip Chia

Ritz Crackers

Honeymaid Graham Crackers

Stacy’s Pita Chips – Cinnamon and Sugar

Original Tings Crunchy Corn Sticks

Bachman Pretzel Stix

Jim’s Soft Pretzels – most soft pretzels are NOT ok because whey is used as a dough conditioner

Fruit – she loves cantaloupe, grapes, watermelon, frozen cherries and now pineapple!