Product Profile – Twigtale Custom (Allergy) Book

Twigtale is a company specializing in personalized books for children to help them with transitions, improve their sense of identity, cope with loss, or understand something about themselves. Like allergies! How cool, right?

Twig Tale Allergy Book

Twig Tale Allergy Book

There are tons of pre-scripted books. You simply personalize the book by adding your child’s name, pictures, and relevant details. The food allergy book is just the right mix of education and fun.

If you utilize one of the pre-formatted books, the language is carefully crafted, sweet, perfectly child-appropriate and makes completing a book take all of 30 minutes. Unless of course your digital pictures are a sea of thousands of unorganized pictures (ahem), in which case it could take a few more minutes.

For Bubba, the language of the allergy book didn’t quite fit her unique profile (read – way too many allergies). I emailed Twig Tale customer service to ask what I could do and got a phone call that night. They were so sweet! We decided one of the blank templates would be our best bet. I simply copied most of the allergy book language but tweaked it as appropriate. Bubba loves her book. It shares so many of the special things about her, but also helps her understand what we need to do to keep her safe. We included a couple pictures of her with hives, of her epinephrine, and of unsafe foods. It can be complicated to teach a young child about all the different variations of unsafe foods. The most important thing, at this age, is for Bubba to know that only Mommy and Daddy know what foods are safe. But we feel that it’s important for her to start learning what all different kinds of unsafe foods look like. Most of the rest of the pictures are just adorable, silly, Bubba-being-Bubba pictures. Because it’s also important for her to know her allergies are just one special thing about her.

The books are $20 with another $5.50 in shipping costs. BUT there is a 15% off special through 2/15/15. Code: HEART15.