Blood testing – round two

3196625932_5802361214_qBubba is normally a TROOPER. Blood tests, skin tests, epi-pens, hospital trips, you name it. She handles it better than most adults would. So she was about due to just be DONE with being pricked. Not too long after our last round of skin prick testing, Bubba was due for updated blood testing. Our first attempt was an utter fail. Apparently, someone can become so upset during a blood draw that the blood will literally not even come out. How’s that for some kind of ninja body control? Poor Bubba. Boy did she scream. I held her for a good 5 minutes with a needle in her arm and we got about a teaspoon of blood. Not nearly enough to fill the four vials we needed. So we left, only to have to go back again another day.

Our next attempt was much more pleasant. I pumped her full of fluids the whole morning and sent her into the lab with Daddy and a bag full of candy. Success!

We added a few new foods to our allergy list and increased the class of our milk allergy. We can add to Bubba’s obscure allergen list oysters, mussels, and rye. But she tested negative to fennel, celery, and green pepper so those are wins. She also tested very low-positive to pineapple, poppy, and tomato. We have an appointment to food challenge pineapple. Believe it or not pineapple would actually be a huge victory for us. It randomly appears as an ingredient in several otherwise safe foods – sorbet, frozen waffles, juice boxes, and sausages. So keep your fingers crossed for us!