Oral Food Challenge – She Passed Again!

IMG_4474One more food to cross off our list! Bubba passed her oral food challenge to garbanzo beans today. We decided to challenge garbanzo beans because Bubba’s SPT and RAST tests were both low-positive, indicating that she had a strong likelihood of passing. We were still nervous for this one though because 30% of peanut allergic folks are also allergic to garbanzo beans.

We learned our lesson from last week and brought LOTS more fun stuff to do to help ease the boredom. This food challenge was a little tougher for Bubba because she did not like the taste of the garbanzo beans. For her first dose she only had to eat one bean, but the three doses after that were all 1/8 cup. That is actually a LOT of garbanzo beans. She was half gagging trying to chew through them.


IMG_4480You hear me say often that Bubba is a trooper, well this is what I am talking about. What three-year-old can be convinced to eat something they don’t like, let alone an entire plateful of it? She was doing a lot of fussing by the last dose and wanted me to hand-feed her. She was also promised a trip to the movies this weekend in addition to her post-appointment treats, but all well worth it.

So what do garbanzo beans get us? Especially if she doesn’t like them? Well, first there is the mental ease of removing one more allergen from her list. Yay! Also, I promise I can make some tasty hummus and roasted cinnamon sugar beans that she WILL like. Finally, there are actually a ton of allergy-friendly products that contain chick pea flour that have previously been off-limits for us. Bubba had only ever eaten garbanzo beans (hummus) once and she had a severe reaction, but the hummus contained tahini and she is severely allergic to sesame seeds so we were never able to differentiate what caused the reaction.