Thank you to the allergy parents who came before me

Tears of joy. Public school kindergarten is a full year away for Bubba, but Big Girl will be starting next week. I just received an email that went out to all families announcing that the classrooms will now be nut-free and the school will no longer be having bake sales. Students can still bring nut-containing products for their own consumption in the cafeteria, but no nuts may be consumed in the classroom including during class parties.

Bubba says thanks too.

Bubba says thanks too

I didn’t have to have those fears. I didn’t have to fight that fight. An allergy parent who came before me, dozens I’m sure, successfully advocated for our children so that they can be safer while at school to learn. I have spent years benefiting from the allergy parents who came before me. Parents who blog their allergen-free creations, parents who fundraise to support ground-breaking research, moms who turned allergy apparel into a small business, parents who started support groups and created posters to share with others. Never doubt what parents can and will accomplish in aid of their children. It’s allergy parents that have changed the entire discussion around and awareness of food allergies. I just wanted to say a teary and heartfelt thanks.