How to hold your child like an Epi-Pen Ninja

I recently attended the Food Allergy Bloggers Conference and attended an amazing workshop with Dr. Julie Brown. I learned a lot about epinephrine (post to follow) and saw photos of the dramatic and unfortunate injuries that can result when a child is not properly restrained when administering epinephrine. In the photos below, you can see how we restrain Bubba when we administer epinephrine. We call it the Ninja Hold. It’s something we practice so that we’re comfortable, but also so that Bubba understands what is happening to her in the event she needs her Epi-Pen. I like the hold because it prevents Bubba from seeing the Epi-Pen injection and because of how firmly I can restrain her.

As you can see in the photos, Bubba sits between my legs. I am right-handed so I use my left hand to reach across her body and firmly hold her upper right arm. I place my right leg over her legs. I pull her arm across her body to twist her torso away from the injection site. I then use my right hand to press and click the Epi-pen into her right thigh. Hold for a count of ten.

I hope the hold works well for you also. Don’t forget to hold your Epi-Pen blue to sky, orange tip to thigh. That was another helpful Dr. Brown reminder!