Allergy-Friendly Advent Calendars and Christmas Books

Today marks the first day of the Advent season and for many kids the first day of opening a special treat or receiving a special toy in an advent calendar. Last year we ordered dairy-free chocolate advent calendars from Amanda’s Own Confections and loved them. The calendars looked exactly like every calendar most allergy-free families buy for their kids at their local grocery store or pharmacy. Many allergy families long for these small, seemingly trivial things to have a sense of normalcy. I know that was the case for me last year. This year I was too late and Amanda’s Own was sold out. Oooopps! So it’s a DIY kind of year.

I made our own advent chocolates using dairy-free chocolate (melted with a tiny dollop of coconut oil), an adorable candy mold I found on Amazon, and a handy squeeze bottle.

I wrapped the chocolates in small squares of foil and slipped them in the pouches of an old felt advent calendar we happened to have on hand (lucky for this procrastinating Mama!). The chocolates are delicious, festive, and cheap! If I do say so myself.

I found some adorable non-food DIY advent calendar ideas on Pinterest as well. A pin from Double the Batch was my favorite because it was such an exhaustive list of adorable ideas.

Some time ago I complied a list of every children’s allergy book I could find on the market. I have them all listed here. But I thought I would share a couple specific holiday/winter titles:

We have the No Peanuts for Santa book and Bubba loves it. It is a cute tale about Santa’s nut-allergic reindeer with an added bonus of being a great way to introduce the names of all the various tree nuts to a young child.