Making Easter Special – Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Giveaway

Kids love treats. They also love holidays and any reason to celebrate. It’s their joy that often makes our holidays so special. We all delight in seeing a child light up. Most allergy parents have found a variety of ways to make holidays both special and safe. That learning curve can be huge however. I know I have had my fair share of tear-filled birthday mornings because I couldn’t make a cake look cute (or even normal for that matter). I’ve been crushed for Bubba when swapping out unsafe Valentine’s candy with bright pink wrappers for her plain ‘ole gummi bears or safe chocolate chips. I’ve navigated the holiday party mine fields of allergen-laden trays and baskets – hardly outdone by the defrosted safe cupcake I brought from home. So like most allergy parents, I upped my game. I found better egg substitutes and expanded my baking repertoire. I stockpiled more safe chocolate bars, pinned more recipes, and expanded our traditions to include more food-free fun. I have also found special, unique, and truly festive treats so Bubba can share in the magic of the holidays. Amanda’s Own Confections was my ultimate find. Their products are free of Top 8 allergens and even made on dedicated equipment. Bubba has had their chocolate Advent calendar, a variety of themed Halloween and Christmas chocolates, and just recently, the most adorable and extravagant chocolate Easter bunnies and egg.

It’s so rare for our allergy kiddos to have treats that look and taste every bit as exciting as their friends’. To see Bubba bubble over with glee made my day. Bubba’s reality is that her treats never look like everyone else’s. She was incredulous at the size of and decorations on her Easter chocolates. Word for word, this was Bubba’s reaction: “Mom it’s so pretty! Is this really for me?? How do they make this delicious chocolate? I love the ribbons! Did you see the ribbons?!?” Amanda’s Own chocolate tastes like the real-deal. It is every bit as creamy and decadent as the milk-based version. So be warned, the rest of the family will be fighting your kid for a bite.

And because your allergy-kiddo’s joy is also my joy, I am partnering with Amanda’s Own for an Easter chocolate give-away. Yay! Simply share my Facebook post or retweet me on Twitter by March 2, 2016 to enter. A winner from each social media site with be announced and contacted on March 3, 2016. Amanda’s Own will ship you an Easter treat in time for the holiday.