How to use an Auvi-Q

Most folks have heard of Epi-Pens. An Epi-Pen is an auto-injector of epinephrine, the only drug that can stop a potentially fatal allergic reaction. I posted a great video tutorial on how to administer an Epi-Pen and I think everyone should learn – no different than knowing CPR and the Heimlich.

Newer to the market and oh so cool is the Auvi-Q. An Auvi-Q is also an epinephrine auto-injector, but it’s smaller, streamlined case makes carrying them much more convenient. Even cooler is that the device offers voice commands. These are helpful to those not as familiar with the device, but also to caregivers who may get flustered in the midst of an allergic reaction (speaking from experience here). I thought I would share a demo video of the Auvi-Q as well. Please watch it when you have a minute (it’s less than 5 minutes).


Bubba with the Auvi-Q training device.

We have used both an Epi-Pen and an Auvi-Q on Bubba. Both did the job (they inject the same medication), but the Auvi-Q was faster, the injection site bled less, and its press-and-click mechanism seemed less traumatic than that of the Epi-Pen. We keep a set of Auvi-Qs in Bubba’s travel bag and at home. But at school and her grandparent’s house we leave Epi-Pen sets. I think generally people are still more familiar with Epi-Pens.

I am not a doctor and not offering medical advice. But you can read for yourself that epinephrine is an extremely safe drug and should always be the first line of defense if faced with an anaphylactic reaction. Should you ever have my little Bubba in your care and she is having an anaphylactic reaction, inject away my friend.

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