Meet the Ninja

I am a food allergy fighting ninja. As a former attorney and current stay-at-home mama – my ingredient researching skills rival the FBI. My four-year-old is allergic to thirty foods. Yup. You read that right. Scared of needles? Not me. I have Epi-pened Bubba at the gym, at a campfire, heck, right on our kitchen floor. Want to understand more about your child’s egg allergy? I can share with you what I learned from reading about the specificity of IgE antibodies to sequential epitopes in hen’s eggs at 3am. Sound geeky? It is.

I wasn’t always this confident.

I wasn’t even truly aware of my growing confidence until I made Mommy Short’s Mommy Skillz list.  I cried when I saw my words and my little Bubba smiling in the ER. Right there on the Internet for the whole world to see. After years of struggling to keep her safe and feeling like I might not ever be able to do so, I needed this self-pat on the back. I still have so much to learn and I learn every day from all the other allergy blogging mamas out there. But I would love to pass along my four-plus years of growth, learning, and advocacy.

Our story is spread across these posts rather haphazardly. But it is a story that has become far too common. Fifteen million Americans currently have a food allergy including 1 in 13 children.

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