Exploring the World with Food Allergies

Most of the shock, anger, disappointment (insert other tear-based emotions here) associated with Bubba’s initial diagnosis was focused on how I would keep her safe in our daily life. What would I make? What did we need to get out of the house? What was cross-contamination? What foods were safe for her? Etc. But eventually I discovered the answers to those questions and our world got a little bigger. A second wave of fears hit as I realized the impact on Bubba and our family as we attempted to venture out into the world. What restaurants were safe? Could any food be made safely for her? In reality, I experienced something akin to grief, believing that Bubba could never live the life I lived. That she would never travel to far away lands, that she would never relish in international cuisine. Bubba, like most kids, may want nothing to do with the life I lived and will chose to chart her own course. I hope I’m not the first parent to initially superimpose their ambitions and choices onto their child. I’m working on that. Only time will tell how far Bubba wants to venture in the world. In the meantime, we are exploring the world that a child wants to see. We’re doing it as safely as we can and learning as we go. I’ll post our trips, resources, and tips as we go.

Disney World Hershey Park New York City

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